Twisted your knee hiking or skating? Pulled a muscle returning a serve? If you live in Portland, South Portland, Westbrook, Cumberland, Falmouth, Scarborough, Yarmouth, Freeport, Cape Elizabeth, Gorham, or anywhere in Southern Maine, you now have an alternative to the ER for immediate orthopaedic attention.

Head for the OrthoAccess walk-in clinic. We have locations in Portland, Saco and Auburn. Care is provided by some of the best-regarded orthopaedic specialists in the state. Follow-up, if needed, can be easily arranged and we will be happy to take care of that for you.

OrthoAccess is a better choice than the ER. Here’s why:

  • Specialized treatment — You’ll be seen by a bone/muscle/tendon/ligament/joint specialist. If you went to the ER, they’d probably refer you to a specialist anyway. So come here first!
  • Shorter wait — Why spend hours in the ER waiting room, when you could get seen right away at OrthoAccess? In most cases, the wait is just a few minutes. (The longest waits are usually during the first hour of clinic time each day, so you may want to plan accordingly.)
  • Less expensive — You’ll pay a lot less here than at the ER. OrthoAccess is an extension of OA, our regular orthopaedic practice. So our charges and co-pays are generally the same as for visits to a specialty doctor. Most ERs charge a much higher amount — and most insurance plans have a larger co-pay for emergency room visits.
  • No appointment needed — If you start at the ER, chances are good they’ll recommend you see a specialist. Skip the ER, start with the specialist, and see someone with no appointment needed! For locations and walk-in clinic hours, click here! Please have insurance and ID ready at check in.

OrthoAccess is not emergency care

We do not treat severe or life-threatening injuries. For conditions such as serious head trauma, open fractures, or spine injuries, go straight to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.